Join a community of freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to hold each other accountable, inspire one another and stay consistent when it comes to online content.

This is the course for you if...
  • You find it hard to make time for your social media marketing
  • You want to find a community of people and connect with other small business owners
  • You find yourself making excuses as to why you can't keep consistent with posting online content
  • You want to be inspired to create engaging and results driven content
  • You want to learn more about how to utilise Instagram for your business
What is Content Club? 

Content Club was created by Lauren Andrews after she was approached by multiple business owners who had fallen out of love with creating content for Instagram. She creates a space weekly to inspire and hold people accountable for creating good quality content for Instagram that gets the results they desire.

Lauren hosts intimate weekly groups on zoom and brings together business owners teaching a range of topics from content pillars and hashtags to how to make the most out of your instagram insights.

She aims to take the stress away from creating content online and help you to fall in love with the process.

What you will learn:

Session 1: Content Pillars & Ideas, Scheduling and Strategy
In session 1 you will learn what content pillars are, come up with a huge list of content ideas. You will create a posting schedule based on when your audience is most active and when is best for you. We will show you how to schedule your content to streamline your business and help you to build a strategy around posting. 

Session 2: The Power of Hashtags & Captions
In Session 2 we will cover the topics of hashtags and captions. You will research the best hashtags to use for your business, create a hashtag bank and scope out dead hashtags. We will give you the right tools to nail the perfect caption every time and create a caption bank for when you are stuck with what to say.

Session 3: All About Reels & Video Content
In Session 3 we will create a reel video together. We will discuss the best tools to use and the best practice to create the most engaging content for Instagram. 

Session 4: Audience Engagement, Insights and Reflection
In session 4 we will cover all things insights, showing you how to use your audience engagement to learn about your audience and the content they respond to. We will reflect on the previous sessions and answer any other questions you may have in regards to your content and Instagram in general.

Each session includes time to create content and schedule it in for the week ahead.
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